12 Things Your Dog Does That Would Have Totally Gotten You Grounded As A Kid

12 Things Your Dog Does That Would Have Totally Gotten You Grounded As A Kid

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The best and worst thing about dogs is that no matter what they do, it’s nearly impossible to stay mad at them. My dog for example got away with SO much more than I could have ever imaged as a kid. I would get in trouble for wearing my shoes on the carpet while my dog got away with running through the house with soaking wet paws. If this sounds all too familiar these next few are bound to be spot on.


When your parents tell you it’s not “socially acceptable” to walk around naked but your dog can lay spread eagle on the floor…


You both know you’re not supposed to play with food. But somehow you end up banned from eating red sauce and they manage to get thirty likes on Instagram.


“It’s water mom. It DRIES.” – every child ever


When you think about it, there’s really not a huge difference between people and pup toys. So what’s all the fuss about?


Who didn’t pee in the living room as a kid? Right? Or never mind…


Dogs can pawtest all they want and they’re just being a dog. When you did the same, it was considered a meltdown.


Did they really expect you to come home on time, finish all your homework, AND wipe your feet?


“MOM. Stop telling me I’m going to ruin my appetite. That’s not even a thing.” – every child ever


It’s cute when dogs do it but earth-shattering if you even try.


Seriously though. What’s the difference?


Just because they speak a different language doesn’t mean they’re not talking back. #doglogic


You couldn’t leave the house without a sweater but they were allowed to run around naked.

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